stellify (ˈstɛl.ɪ.faɪ)

(mythology) to transfom an earthy body into a celestial body

(astronomy) to turn into a star

3 is the celestial number which represents the soul
3 stands for the reconciliation of opposites
3 stands for variety, creativity and growth

The special feature of the stellifi3d collection is the unique combination of different, often handmade materials from all over the world.

Each piece from the stellifi3d kimono tie collection is unique. Traditional Japanese vintage kimono fasteners made of silk are lovingly combined with high-quality materials in stellifi3d’s one-off produktion.

Individual Japanese vintage ribbons and tassels are refined by Bettina using special dyeing techniques, embroidery and wrapping. In combination with selected, hand-carved mother-of-pearl and horn jewellery, pearls, precious stones and silver pendants an individual handmade piece of jewellery is created.

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