Care Instructions & Correct Use

All stellifi3d products (except for a few necklaces, as well as rings and earrings) were lovingly and carefully designed, handcrafted, finished, and inspected by Bettina Kolberg in her studio in Hamburg. Due to the individual production process (handcrafted), occasional, minor differences or irregularities may occur within the same product category; however, this is what makes stellifi3d products unique. All jewelry elements are made of high-quality material and were carefully selected by us. The longevity of stellifi3d jewelry mainly depends on how the individual pieces of jewelry are used, cared for, and stored. Make sure to follow our instructions on how to care for and use your stellifi3d jewelry so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible:

  1. Metal reacts to chemical substances and contact with air and skin. We therefore recommend that you do not allow your stellifi3d jewelry to come in contact with perfume, make-up or cleaning agents. Silver jewelry or plated silver and fashion jewelry should also not be worn while doing sports or bathing, since the surfaces exceptionally react to sweat.
  2. Over the course of time and when worn frequently, as is the case with every item of daily use, signs of wear will appear. These can be caused by a mechanical abrasion of the silver surface, the plated silver as well as other materials used such as fabric surfaces. Sharp objects or barbs can leave snares or roughened patches on the silk surface, the fabric material.
  3. Dyed fabric elements are fixated, but under certain circumstances they can stain when moistened.
  4. Your stellifi3d jewelry can include fragile elements. Do not drop it or let it hit hard objects.
  5. In order to avoid corrosion when storing the piece of jewelry, it is important to keep it in a dark and dry place (not in the bathroom). Ideally you should keep your piece of jewelry in a sealable plastic bag (ziplock bags).
  6. When cleaning our jewelry, we recommend using a silver polishing cloth. The fabric elements can be carefully cleaned with a silk detergent. All vintage kimono fastenings were carefully cleaned before being used. Owing to their age, the kimono fastenings can develop a smell typical for vintage material when moist. However, this can no longer be detected when dry.

Please contact us regarding any questions, defects or possible flaws. We will be happy to help and will make every effort to accommodate your wishes. We strive to have content and happy customers. In the case of normal signs of wear or defects due to incorrect use, we will not assume any liability. If possible, however, we offer a low-cost repair service for our stellifi3ed jewelry at any time.